2018 Trees Available

Concolor Fir

Large soft needles with a citrus like smell. The full trees in sizes from 5 to 9 feet

Faser Fir

Soft Green/Grey needles with strong branches. Full and open trees from 6 to 8 feet

Canaan Fir

Soft Green Needles on strong branches. A true balsam from the mountains of West Virginia. Sizes Available from 6 to 8 feet

Douglas Fir

Very dense tree with soft thin needles.  Sizes Available from 6 to 7 feet

Very few Available

Colorado Blue Spruce

Stiff heavy branches with hard needles in colors from blue white to green. Available sizes from 5 feet to 7 feet 

Norway Spruce

Dense tree with small needles. These trees are selected each year for the tree in New York at Rockefeller Center. Sizes available from 6  to 9 feet